The Costume Closet is no longer located on South Howard Avenue in Tampa. We have decided to sell costumes from a remote location online. We got more hits on our website than traffic in the store. I am sorry to leave our location and all the great and wonderful people I met. It made sense to do it this way since we spent more time on location, creating custom costumes. 

We will continue to offer CUSTOM COSTUMES to the theater, for events, parades, non profits, etc. Our custom costuming services will come to you.

Stay tuned for our online store while we work on the website and changes as we move forward. 


Our latest customizing job...We recreated this costume for Michael who plays Spiderman for WZPH in parades, fairs, festivals, etc. He also appears as Spiderman for children's parties. Michael loves children and it shows when he is at an event. He tries to make sure every child has met Spiderman!  You, too, can hire Spiderman for your child's party. Please email or call for more information.